Using the Bible to justify placing children in concentration centers while deporting their defenseless parents. Seriously? A line has been crossed (again). For the record, the Bible does not defend the practice of separating children from their parents who are fleeing horrendous circumstances to seek safe asylum in this country. Never does the Bible condone concentration camps. (Even if these centers are legal.) Read the Bible. Start with what it says about treating the stranger in your land, along with the poor and the defenseless sojourners. Read what the Hebrew prophets say about those who ignore the cries of the hungry and oppressed, and the consequences for leaders who trample mercy and neglect the poor. Then study the teachings of Jesus about the treatment of children. Don’t pass over his teachings about loving the neighbor as well as the enemy. And read that parable about Jesus showing up among the least among us: the naked, the thirsty, the hungry, the stranger, the sick and the prisoner. Before you finish reading the Bible let it settle in your heart that God appeared among us full of grace and truth for the wildly extravagant purpose of human flourishing with love for God and one another in communities of kindness, mercy, justice and peace. This is the astonishing purpose of God in the Bible. It’s what the reign of God that Jesus proclaimed looks like whenever it appears. Nowhere does the Bible say that the Law of the State has authority over the law of God or the Law of Love to which Christians are bound to obey in the power of the Spirit. So stop using the Bible to defend the moral atrocity of separating defenseless children from their parents fleeing for their lives, and placing them in concentration centers. We’ve seen this before and it does not end well.

-Pastor Roy