A Pastoral Conversation June 5th

 June 5 – 1-3 PM at Saint Mark Room 106

We can talk with each about death and dying. 

Each of us knows that death is an aspect of human life. We all die. Yet most of us find this difficult to talk about in an honest way with others. Our questions and fears, our worries and anxieties need to be expressed yet we don’t know how and with whom to discuss such things. Can we laugh together without just being sarcastic? Can we have a conversation about dying that might free our hearts for more life?

There are essential questions of faith that also arise as we enter the topic. What is life eternal and when does it begin? How do I speak with my loved ones about my concerns before I die? When my body is falling apart how do I keep my heart alive with God?


Join us in an honest conversation with the pastor about death and dying on June 5th in room 106 from 1-3pm. We will create a safe space in which to speak about what matters most to you.