Saint Mark Presbyterian Church (Saint Mark) seeks to be an open and inclusive community of Christian faith pursuing the love of God and neighbor, while honoring the gifts of all people.  Our desire is  to be a community where spiritual growth and service come together in creative balance.  Saint Mark has six core values, and the Local Mission Ministry Grant allocation is based in large part on these values.

Commitment: We offer ourselves, our time, our gifts and our resources to the
service of God.
 Community: We are a caring family of faith, honoring the gifts of all people and
celebrating our life together.
Compassion:  We care for all God’s children, responding to those in pain and
nurturing one another in love.
 Hospitality:  We welcome everyone to share with us in the community of Christ.
Mission:  We listen and respond to the needs of the world, reaching out to serve
others in our community and throughout the world.
Spiritual Growth:  We grow closer to God through the disciplines of prayer, study,
service and worship.

Description of Supported Non-Profit Agencies

Saint Mark strives to meet the needs of the community in which we worship, serve and live.  To support those organizations in our community that are working to make this a better place to live for all citizens, Saint Mark allocates funds to non-profit agencies that:

  •   address local community needs in efficient and innovative ways,  offer clear  objectives about what the organization will accomplish with the   grant money,
  •   agree to report in writing on how Saint Mark funds were spent, and
  •   provide copies of the past year’s audit report and annual report.

Currently, grants are made for one year.

Grant Application Information

Application must be submitted via e-mail or regular U.S. Mail by December 20, 2011.  Our goal is to notify applicants once the FY 2012 budget is finalized.  An application must include the following:

1) Completion of the Project Summary Form—maximum length 3 pages.
2) Copies of the past year’s audit report and annual report; and,
3) Agreement to submit a written report on the actual use of funds when

Assistance with preparation of the application is available by contacting:
Ray Mountain
Local Mission Awarding Grants Team
Saint Mark Presbyterian Church
10701 Old Georgetown Road
Rockville, MD 20852.


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  All applications for FY 2012 Local Mission Ministry Grants must be submitted vial e-mail or U.S. Mail to the Local Mission Ministry with supporting documents no later than December 20, 2011.  Electronic submission of the form and supporting documentation is addressed to

Please note:  By submitting this grant application, the applying entity gives permission to Saint Mark to use the applicant’s name and other identifying information in promotional materials.  These materials would be directed mainly to the congregation in an effort to more fully inform it of how funds are allocated.