Global Mission

The Global Mission Ministry works prayerfully to support Saint Mark’s stated Mission to “listen and respond to the needs of the world”. In 2013, we worked to answer God’s call through contributing to disaster relief efforts and other mission related work across five continents and within the United States.

In addition to our work to be responsive to needs resulting from disasters, we also focus on on-going needs in troubled areas and on creating partnerships and friendships with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Through Global Mission, Saint Mark has long-standing relationships with people and organizations in Haiti, Cameroon, Lithuania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Through the leadership of Roy Howard and many of our members, Saint Mark has raised approximately $18,000 for disaster earthquake relief in Haiti and organized multiple trips to assist rebuilding efforts after the devastating earthquake.

Across the world in Cameroon,  we funded the construction of a well to provide clean drinking water in the village of Nkol Melen. In addition, we have longstanding partnerships with the people of the villages of Tchekos and Ngoro.

In Lithuania, we have a long-term relationship with Co-Missionaries Becky and Eric Hinderliter who serve the PCUSA at the Lithuanian Christian College International University.

In Congo, we support the Congo Lotus Care Project, which helps support women’s health, and Reve Kandal, a non-profit organization helping improve local schools.

The Global Mission Ministry is blessed by the generosity of the people of Saint Mark. We take our responsibility seriously as we strive to hear God’s call throughout the world.

Global Mission would like to continue to discover new partnerships and span across each continent in the world. To do this, we are looking for people to join us in our efforts. If you are interested, please contact Alison Dewey, Elder for Global Mission or Ellen Kiel, convener for Global Mission.

For more information on the Global Mission’s outreach, please see the links to the right.

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