Global Mission

The Global Mission Ministry (GMM) continues to work prayerfully to support Saint Mark’s stated mission to “listen and respond to the needs of the world.”  In 2018, we are working to answer God’s call through many faithful organizations located within the U.S and abroad.

GMM donates to well-established, financially transparent charities for disaster relief efforts that are often religion-based organizations. The ministry continues also to support Saint Mark Member led projects with seed money for limited time periods.  These organizations have Saint Mark member involvement in their leadership and provide GMM with an annual update on progress and experiences.

In the past year the ministry has financially supported the work of the following entities:

  • New Story Leadership – Supporting peace-making efforts between Palestinian and Israeli young adults.
  • Lithuania Christian College Scholarship – Providing financial assistance to LCC International University students in need. Also photos/bios.
  • Sayariy Warmi Rise Up Women – Giving financial assistance to young Bolivian women in need.
  • EduCorps – Providing financial assistance to Lycée Amani Girls School students in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
  • Reve Kandale – Helping build schools and plant trees to bring hope to communities living in hard to reach places in rural DRC. ( .  Kandale Video
  • Hawari Family: Assisting a Syrian refugee family to resettle in Montgomery County.
  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: Providing humanitarian assistance in disaster areas.
  • Presbyterian Mission Agency: Supporting Presbyterian co-workers in Lithuania.

In 2017, GMM extended its categories of giving from 4 areas to 6 areas due to changing needs around the world and here at home. The move aimed also to help GMM be more deliberate and transparent about allocating the ministry’s operating budget. These 6 categories are:

  • Disaster Relief
  • Saint Mark Member led projects with Global Reach
  • PCUSA Missionaries
  • Education – Scholarship, Materials, etc.
  • Hunger advocacy, mission, etc.
  • Refugee resettlement

The Global Mission Ministry is blessed by the generosity of the people of Saint Mark. We take our responsibility seriously as we strive to hear God’s call throughout the world.  GMM continues to seek new partnerships and span across each continent in the world and we are looking for people to join us in our efforts. If you are interested, please contact Colette Ram, convener for Global Mission.



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