Legacy Campaigns

Since 1997, Saint Mark has conducted three Session-authorized successful Legacy capital campaigns to 1) construct the education building and 2) renovate the sanctuary. Over 15 years, members gave $3.88 million to the three campaigns. As a result, we are debt free and have two modern, energy efficient and well-equipped buildings. The education building meets not only our space needs but provides space to community non-profit advocacy, service and music groups for free or reduced rental fees. Our mission to the community finds expression in the bricks and mortar of this facility made available six days a week to such groups as Alcoholics Anonymous, the Parkinson's Support Group and Orchestra and NIH Chorus. In April, 2018, Session will launch Legacy 3, a capital campaign to raise $350,000 over a three year pledge period ending in 2021, The purpose of the campaign is to -
  • Restore $350,000 of reserves used to renovate the sanctuary.
  • Fund needed repairs and replacement for the 18 year old education building's equipment and components
  • Support our mission and core values by providing free or reduced rent to community groups
  • Maintain a financially stable, reasonably capitalized reserve to that we can avoid debt.
  • Provide funds for important local and global mission projects with a tithe (10%) of $350,000
The specific building equipment and components projected for replacement include -
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • HVAC Replacement
  • Roof & Skylight Replacement
  • Driveway entrance lighting
  • Parking lot sealing, stripping and lighting
Following a congregational meeting explaining the campaign, members anonymously answered three questions in writing telling what they liked about the campaign, what their thoughts were about it and if they would financially support the campaign. Of 98 responses, 75 were Yes (76%) to supporting the campaign. Another 14 responses were Maybe (14%) and 9 were No (9%). With $315,000 from pledges and annual budget contributions to reserves, these funds should be sufficient for the next 10 years for building repairs and replacements without borrowing or another capital campaign. We will also have 10% of what is raised - $35,000 - for local or global mission projects apart from annual budget funds for these two ministries.

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