Legacy Campaigns

Since 1997, Saint Mark has held four successful Legacy capital campaigns to 1) construct the education building (2000), renovate the sanctuary (2012) and fund needed repairs and renovations (2018). Members have given $4.26 million to the campaigns over 22 years. The most recent Legacy campaign found members pledging $381,000 in May, 2018 to restore reserves used to renovate the sanctuary and to pay for repairs and renovations like the kitchen. Kitchen renovations will begin by the end of 2019 when the recently hired kitchen design consultant is expected to complete plans for the renovation. The 2018 campaign also included 10% of the proceeds ($38,000) for mission projects approved by Session. As a result of our members’ generosity, our mission to the community finds expression in bricks and mortar as space for such non-profit groups as Alcoholics Anonymous, AIM, Parkinson’s  Support Group and NIH Orchestra and Chorus is provided for free or reduced rental fees six days a week. Hundreds of individuals served by these agencies are impacted, fulfilling Saint Mark’s commitment to combine spirit and service as we seek to be God’s people in our community.      

Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

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