The Universal Christ “When we argue about religion and theology, we’re actually arguing about the kind of world we want to live in ….” So says Brian McLaren in his introduction to Richard Rohr’s recent book The Universal Christ. Whether the future is dystopian or utopian or somewhere in the middle, McLaren writes, “Religion can help you get what you want…”. The choice is ours. Richard Rohr is one of the most well-known theologians of our day. He is deep, thoughtful, and accessible. As we all get ready for a new calendar year, a new Fall, and so much activity and beauty that comes with Autumn, let’s join together to ponder and thereby practice what Christ can mean for a better, more inclusive, “fuller” world. The office has purchased 10 copies of the book. If you would like one, reach out to Rhonda in the church office. The book is available on Amazon for $15.99. 

Discussions will be: Sundays immediately following worship. Room 105/106 downstairs. Childcare provided. Sunday 8/13: Chapters 1-7 led by Pastor Jay Sunday 8/20 Chapters 8-11 led by Pastor Shelby Sunday 8/27 Chapters 12-17 led by Pastor Jay